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[audio]SLP 25 Television Killed The Podcast Star Part III - Steve Likoski
Welcome to the 25th episode of the Steve Likoski Podcast.This time on the episode, it's pretty much another television episode.Topics on the show I covered: Amy's Baking Company on Hell's Kitchen, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX upfronts, House of Cards, Life of Pi, Attempting Life, Annoyed Gamer on Kotaku, Bill Hader, Doctor Who, Fred Armisen, Saturday Night Live and a couple of other things too.Taking us out this week is Lovely Day by Fred Armisen and Bill Hader. Don't forget you can send me email to podc...
Keywords: Saturday Night Live
Downloads: 17
[audio]SNL 5 - Ben Bailey
Saturday Night Jive, Episode Five - Our first no show show, where we go in depth on the new cast and go back to the first three episodes of the season in lieu of a new one to talk about. Also, reverse trivia, and the whitest rapping ever. 
Keywords: SNL; Saturday Night Live
Downloads: 19
[texts]A Split Personality Taliban Terrorist Does The American TV Talk Show Circuit - Jonathan David Steinhoff
A late night TV talk shows appearance by one of the personalities of a Taliban terrorist, as he shares the moment he turned himself in for the reward. (comedy sketch idea)
Keywords: Mohammad Ashan; Saturday Night Live
Downloads: 17
[audio]Coffeestain Critic SNL review - Adam Kidd
Adam Kidd, The Coffee Stain Critic takes a look at the past year of Saturday Night Live.
Keywords: SNL; Saturday Night Live; Coffeestain critic
Downloads: 104
[audio]Underama - yonkiss
Keywords: yonkiss; saturday night live; punk rock
Downloads: 18
[audio]SNL 12 - Ben Bailey
Saturday Night Jive - Week Twelve, Lena Dunham on SNL, The episode sucked ass, and we talk about it. Also trivia. 
Keywords: Lena Dunham; sucks; SNL; Saturday Night Live
Downloads: 18
[image]2s 00cpt - 2MCR
Saturday Night Live Podcast logo
Keywords: 2mcr; podcast; Saturday Night Live
Downloads: 679
[audio]SNL 11 - Ben Bailey
Saturday Night Jive, Week Eleven, Jim Parsons recap. And so forth
Keywords: SNL; Saturday Night Live; Jim Parsons
Downloads: 12
[audio]Norbit - Ben Bailey
Saturday Night Jive - The Norbit Episode. This week, for our last off week before new episodes, we talk all over Eddie Murphy's Norbit. a gauntlet of a film that we remarkably see some good in, on the margins. The really very far away margins. 
Keywords: Saturday Night Live; SNL; Norbit; Eddie Murphy
Downloads: 83
[audio]Blues Brothers 2000 - Ben Bailey
This week on Saturday Night Jive we discuss the crap fest that is Blues Brothers 2000, that most unnecessary of sequels about which we can find absolutely nothing good to say. Enjoy our sadness. 
Keywords: Saturday Night Live; SNL; Blues Brothers; 2000
Downloads: 119
[texts]Steinhoff, New Yorker Caption Contest Finalist
Clippings from the Oct. 16, 2006 and March 5, 2007 issues of The New Yorker, where I was a finalist in the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest, Competition nos. 68 and 86, respectively. Interestingly, as is typical, "Saturday Night Live" used an idea of mine about Kim Jong Il, President of North Korea, which I submitted through an intermediary, the same week in March 2007 that I was a finalist. I may be the only person I know who attaches greater significance to the thing regarding which I was no...
Keywords: New Yorker; Kim Jong Il; North Korea; Saturday Night Live
Downloads: 77
[audio]COL009: 10,000 Bears - COL Media
Folding@Home, Podcasts, and Picks
Keywords: 10000 Bear; Bear Cookin'; Hulu; Saturday Night Live; TBRU
Downloads: 15
[texts]In Orders We Trust - Jonathan D. Steinhoff
Every time a new installment of "Saturday Night Live" would air, a few days earlier I would send a comedy sketch idea to someone I once knew, film producer Stuart Cornfeld, and sure enough, without fail, fragments from it would reach the airwaves - until this one. Or so I thought. I later discovered that Stuart's production company, Red Hour, purchased the TV rights to a book that was published a few months after I wrote this: "Gods Behaving Badly"...
Keywords: Gods Behaving Badly; Stuart Cornfeld; Ben Stiller; Saturday Night Live
Downloads: 100
[audio]SNL 15 - Ben Bailey
Saturday Night Jive - "Jews And The N Word" This week we look at the most recent Louis CK episode of SNL, vehemently disagreeing as to its quality, and then talk about alienating CBS celebrities, controversial sketches from SNL past, coming up with a new sign in, and preparing to watch what we will learn is the greatest movie ever made. 
Keywords: SNL; Saturday Night Live; Louis CK; Black Jeopardy
Downloads: 10
[audio]SNL 13 - Ben Bailey
Saturday Night Jive - Week Thirteen: Boat Trip!We watch Boat Trip, and marvel at how not homophobic it is.
Keywords: Saturday Night Live; SNL; Boat Trip; Horatio Sans; Gay
Downloads: 14
[audio]Episode 45 - Steve, Glen and Peter
Today on this post-Australia Day week episode, we talk about the crisis of people being filmed in bathrooms, the ABC investigation, Mike Munro, Lorde being Australian, Pete's Week, a lot of TV News, Sunrise blackout, and a couple of reboots of segments and movies.You can find us online at http://saturdaynightlive.com.au - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Saturday-Night-Live-with-Glen-Steve-and-Peter/152055971527564 - Twitter: https://twitter.com/2MCRSNLDon't forget to head on over to our...
Keywords: radio; lorde; saturday night live; abc; mike munro; bathrooms
Downloads: 42
[audio]Dead Heat - Ben Bailey
Saturday Night Jive - Movie Special, 1988's Dead Heat. George and Ben dissect the greatest movie ever made, with Joe Piscopo, Treat Williams, and motherfucking Zombies. I just came in my pants again remembering it. 
Keywords: Dead Heat; SNL; Saturday Night Live; Joe Piscopo; Zombies
Downloads: 16
[audio]SNL Lena Dunham
Matt Carter and Jason Prager get together for a late-night conversation about a late-night show. Debate and disagreement ensues.
Keywords: Saturday Night Live; Lena Dunham; Jon Hamm; NBC; Liam Neeson
Downloads: 96
[audio]SNL 17 - Ben Bailey
Saturday Night Jive Episode Seventeen: Anna Kendrick and Seth Rogen. This week we catch up on two recent episodes of SNL, curse Hulu for its licensing policy, school people on Healthcare for no reason, and cry over Ed Shearan's good deed. Enjoy. 
Keywords: Saturday Night Live; SNL; Anna Kendrick; Seth Rogen; Hulu; Disney
Downloads: 34
[audio]Jackjill Mp 3 - Ben Bailey
Saturday Night Jive watches Jack and Jill...and kind of really enjoys it. We marvel at the incredible not badness of this notoriously bad movie, our hearts warmed by the sentimentality of Adam Sandler in a dress. Hoo haw!
Keywords: SNL; Saturday Night Live; Adam Sandler; Jack and Jill
Downloads: 12
[audio]cadyshack2 - Ben Bailey
SNL's 39th season is finally over, so Saturday Night Jive is going back to what we always do on the off weeks, talking about classic and not so classic movies featuring SNL cast members. To kick off the hiatus, we start with George's pick, Caddyshack 2, a movie neither of us had seen, and neither of us wish to see ever again. Learn about how Jackie Mason should never be aloud in movies, how a movie all about great performances can be ruined when you take out the great performances, and how much ...
Keywords: SNL; Saturday Night Live; Caddyshack; Caddyshack 2; Chevy Chase; Bestiality
Downloads: 15
[audio]Episode 64: The Great Debate - Steve, Glen, Peter Mounsey, Clinton Mead, Mad Mick and Don Pedro
It's the debate you've all been waiting for with Campbelltown Mayor Clinton Mead going up against Mad Mick!
Keywords: Mad Mick; Clinton Mead; Saturday Night Live; 2MCR
Downloads: 18
[audio]Master Of Disguise - Ben Bailey
Saturday Night Jive - Master Of Disguise Movie Special! This week we use the lack of a new ep as an excuse to watch one of the worst movies ever made, which happened to star SNL alum Dana Carvey. We mostly talk about the ending credits sequence, which is more fascinating than the movie itself. Enjoy. 
Keywords: SNL; Saturday Night Live; Dana Carvey; The Master Of Disguise
Downloads: 13
[audio]snl22 - Ben Bailey
This week we talk about the 39th season finale of Saturday Night Live, a disappointing effort all around, marvel at the size of George's beer cans and the awesomeness of Crank 2 and Ghost Rider 2, Give out some Birthday wishes, and thank god we can start watching movies again instead of this terrible show. 
Keywords: SNL; Saturday Night Live; Andy Samberg; St. Vincent
Downloads: 17
[audio]Episode 64: The Great Debate - Steve, Glen, Peter Mounsey, Clinton Mead, Mad Mick and Don Pedro
It's the debate you've been waiting for. Campbelltown Mayor Clinton Mead vs. Mad Mick.
Keywords: Clinton Mead; Mad Mick; Saturday Night Live; 2MCR; radio
Downloads: 24
[audio]outboundsmp3 - Ben Bailey
This week on Saturday Night Jive, we talk about the Anthony Michael Hall film Out Of Bounds, an insane 80's action movie that is a perfect encapsulation of insane 80's action movies. Enjoy.
Keywords: SNL; Saturday Night Live; Anthony Michael Hall; Out Of Bounds
Downloads: 23
[audio]Fat Albert - Ben Bailey
Saturday Night Jive revisits the classic 2004 Keenan Thompson film Fat Albert, and then question the logic of ever doing so in the first place. Fuck this movie. Fuck it to Hell. 
Keywords: SNL; Saturday Night Live; Fat Albert; Keenan Thompson
Downloads: 21
[audio]rocky - Ben Bailey
Saturday Night Jive watches The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle. Its a giant piece of shit with five SNL cast members in it. We really wish we could be watching Jack and Jill again. 
Keywords: SNL; Saturday Night Live; Rocky And Bullwinkle; Terrible Movies
Downloads: 43
[audio]Host and Guest Episode 47: John Mulaney - Rick Katschke
On this edition of Host and Guest, Rick is joined by comedian John Mulaney.
Keywords: John Mulaney; Saturday NIght Live; Host and Guest
Downloads: 1,318
[audio]SNL 2 - Ben Bailey
Check out the latest episode of our weekly podcast tribute to Saturday Night Live, Saturday Night Jive, where we recap the most recent show starring an underused Paul Rudd and One Direction, deconstruct the worst episode of the season thus far, explore the harsh realities of the SNL writers room, and reference the sitcom Cleghorne! for what I can only assume it the first for any podcast, ever. 
Keywords: SNL; Saturday Night Live; Paul Rudd; One Direction; Cleghorne!
Downloads: 40
[audio]Jack - Ben Bailey
Saturday Night Jive - Jack...for some reason. This week we watch the classic Francis Ford Coppola movie Jack starring Father Guido Sarducci and Mark McKean. Also Robin Williams. Okay, this was just a flimsy excuse to re-watch a movie to see if it still held up to our childhood adoration. We are divided on this point. Enjoy. 
Keywords: SNL; Saturday Night Live; Jack; Francis Ford Coppola; Robin Williams
Downloads: 33
[audio]crazy - Ben Bailey
Saturday Night Jive - Crazy Enough. A Chris Kattan movie starring two Chris Kattans. Because one just wasn't enough...but it might just be crazy enough. Ugh. 
Keywords: Crazy Enough; Chris Kattan; SNL; Saturday Night Live
Downloads: 16
[audio]heartbeeps - Ben Bailey
Saturday Night Jive watches the incredibly not classic film Heartbeeps featuring regular SNL guest Andy Kaufman, and more importantly, SNL alums Randy Quaid and Christopher Guest. We watched another movie from the director of Caddyshack 2, and its the only movie we've found that is worse than Caddyshack 2.
Keywords: SNL; Saturday Night Live; Heartbeeps; Andy Kaufman; Robots
Downloads: 14
[audio]80s Obsesso Best of SNL! - Jake Rose
Jake and DJ Ferris pick their favorite tracks from musical guests of Saturday Night Live, in their original live form taken straight from the show! Hilarious clips of best of 80s sketches and more are scattered throughout. Hear rarely heard versions of: 1. Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf 2. Simple Minds - Alive And Kicking 3. Fear - New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones 4. Captain Beefheart - Hot Head 5...
Keywords: snl; saturday night live; music; performances; 80s; podcast
Downloads: 296
[audio]SNL 8 - Ben Bailey
Saturday Night Jive, Episode Eight - We're back with another episode of Saturday Night Jive, recapping the last two weeks of SNL episodes to make up for our unexpected week off. We largely enjoyed both the Jonah Hill and Melissa McCarthy episodes, then we unveil our own dream SNL casts and preview the next few weeks of upcoming Movie episodes. Beware, crappy movies lie ahead. 
Keywords: SNL; Saturday Night Live; Melissa McCarthy; Jonah Hill; Imagine Dragons
Downloads: 13
[audio]SNL 7 - Ben Bailey
Saturday Night Jive, Episode Seven - This week we discuss the newest episode of SNL and the first one back from break featuring host and musical guest Drake. Once again we have a difference of opinion regarding the quality of the show, as I question my ability to go on and George valiantly defends his favorite show against it not being really funny at all. We also talk up the new cast member Shasheer Zamata, delve deeper into George's exploration of the maligned Season 20 and discover possibly t...
Keywords: Saturday Night Live; Drake; Shasheer Zamata; Bill Murray; Don Pardo
Downloads: 33
[movies]RECORDING Bernard Purdie Jon Hammond plus Brandon Tartikoff RIP - Jon Hammond
This remarkable documentary takes you inside Quad Studios NYC Sept. 7, 1989 during Jon Hammond Record Session with legendary drummer Bernard Purdie, during which Bernard interviews saxophonist Alex Foster of Saturday Night Live. Barry Finnerty guitar, Chuggy Carter perc., Jon Hammond at the Hammond organ and Joe Berger at the controls, inside footage in control room and special bonus at end a plug by former NBC Head of Programming Brandon Tartikoff who sadly passed away Aug...
Keywords: Recording; Bernard Purdie; Jon Hammond; Alex Foster; Saturday Night Live; Brandon Tartikoff; Saturday Night Live NBC; B3 Organ; HammondCast; KYOU Radio
Downloads: 340
[movies]Funny or Die Video 3114: Third Date with Will Ferrell - Funny or Die
Third Date with Will Ferrell Third Date with Will Ferrell
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Will Ferrell; CELEBRITY FUNNY; Videos; SNL; Saturday Night Live; Will Ferrell; CELEBRITY FUNNY; Videos; SNL; Saturday Night Live
Downloads: 3
[movies]The Homer Fink Show: Simon Rich and Farley Katz
Brooklyn Heights residents Simon Rich and Farley Katz talk to Homer about their project New York
Keywords: local; simon rich; new york superheroes; saturday night live; the new yorker; farley katz
[movies]EAHS World History Class Project - 5th Hour Live
This video was made as a class project for Mrs. Andrews' World History course at East Ascension High School in Gonzales, LA. It is a parody of Saturday Night Live with an overarching theme of Feudalism. It consists of six segments. The video opens with a skit filmed at Subway, reenacting a failed sandwich order involving excess mustard during the state Beta Club Convention in Baton Rouge two weeks prior...
Keywords: EAHS; East Ascension High School; Gonzales; Louisiana; SNL; Saturday Night Live; Juston Western
Downloads: 204
[texts]Jonathan D Steinhoff's Sometimes Blog, Collected Articles, 8.10.08 - 5.19.12 - Jonathan D Steinhoff
All of the blog articles I've posted thru May 19th of this year, minus the videoclips and links, which can only be accessed through reading these blogs where originally posted. (details inside!)
Keywords: Spielberg; McCartney; Brand New Day; Sting; Saturday Night Live; Lennon; Jagger; Ridley Scott; Madonna
Downloads: 14
[audio]The M&M Report: Episode 6 - Mark Lieberman and Devin Mitchell
TV and culture with Mark and Devin.-
Keywords: saturday night live; snl; the good wife; parks and recreation; parenthood; new girl
Downloads: 7
[audio]What's New Interview Michael Che - Tracey Schulz
What's New Interview Michael Che at the 2013 Moontower Comedy fest.
Keywords: What's New; Interview; Michael Che; 2013; Moontower Comedy; SNL; Saturday Night Live; Austin; Texas
Downloads: 25
[audio]The M&M Report -- Episode 9 - Mark Lieberman and Devin Mitchell
1:10 – 10:15 — CMA Awards10:15 – 20:30 — Saturday Night Live and diversity20:30 – 34:20 — Why we read and write cultural criticism / critics we enjoy (Wesley Morris and Alyssa Rosenberg)34:20 – 38:30 — Devin Doesn’t Like Things: Must-Read
Keywords: cma; snl; saturday night live; alyssa rosenberg; wesley morris; must read
Downloads: 3
[audio]This is a Show - Episode 2 - This is a Show
Our second episode. Recorded March 8, 2011. Topic include: Charlie Sheen The Instant Consumption of Modern Media Tim Talks Sports Cultural Relevance of SNL
Keywords: this is a show; episode 2; charlie sheen; snl; saturday night live; spoilers; Tim talks sports
Downloads: 70
[movies]Howard Johnson on HammondCast Show KYOU Radio 1550 AM - Jon Hammond
Excerpted from Jon Hammond's interview with famed musician world-traveler HOWARD JOHNSON on HammondCast Show for KYOU Radio 1550 AM. Howard is famous for playing Tuba and many other horns and has a huge discography including recordings with Gerald Wilson Bigband, Taj Mahal, Saturday Night Live, NDR Bigband and many more. ©2007 http://www.HammondCast.com
Keywords: Howard Johnson; Jon Hammond; HammondCast; Gerald Wilson; NDR Bigband; Jazz; Blues; Saturday Night Live; KYOU Radio
Downloads: 214
[audio]Episode 36 - Steve, Glen and Peter
Welcome to the crack edition of Saturday Night Live with Glen, Steve and Peter!Today on the show we talk about the biggest news in a long time! Toronto Mayor Rob Ford likes crack! We play some clips, talk about it, and of course, we blame Canada.We also have our regular segments; Talking Sports, Talking Television, Pete's Week, Movie talk, and much, much more.Don't forget you can contact us at presenter@2mcr.org.au and also @2MCRSNL on twitter...
Keywords: 2mcr; Saturday Night Live; Big Brother; Rob Ford; Toronto Mayor
Downloads: 105
[audio]Episode 44 - Steve, Glen, and Peter
It's the "Justin Bieber's Mug shot is terrible" episode of Saturday Night Live, it's also the fourth episode of 2014! Today on the show we talked about the Australian Open that is ending this weekend, we also talk about Australia (happening tomorrow), Justin Bieber's mug shot, his issues, local government, water safety, and we also get to reveal the Australian of the Year!Don't forget to check out our new website http://saturdaynightlive.com.au/ - like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pa...
Keywords: 2mcr; justin bieber; australian open; tennis; cricket; football; twitter; facebook; saturday night live
Downloads: 61
[audio]snl21 - Ben Bailey
Saturday Night Jive - Episode Twenty One: Charlize Theron/Black Keyes. This week we talk the latest penultimate episode of SNL, marvel at the charisma of the host, give Lorne Michaels some much needed pointers, unveil our belated thoughts on the last season of How I Met Your Mother, and try once again to stump the SNL nerd. 
Keywords: SNL; Saturday Night Live; Charlize Theron; The Black Keyes; How I Met Your Mother
Downloads: 16
[audio]F This Movie! - Tommy Boy
Patrick and Doug don't shake hands. Patrick and Doug gotta hug.
Keywords: 90s comedies; buddy movies; chris farley; david spade; podcast; saturday night live; tommy boy
Downloads: 17
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